Fact Sheets

Trustee and custodian Specialised Investment and Lending Corporation Pty Ltd ACN 149 520 918, AFSL number 407100, is the trustee of, and custodian of the assets of, the Fund.,The Trustee will hold title to the Fund’s assets.
Investment Manager Atlas Capital Management Pty Ltd ACN 633 175 523 has been appointed by the Trustee as the investment manager of the Fund and is responsible for managing the Fund’s assets and investments.The Investment Manager will source and assess potential investments (Loans) for the Fund.,The Investment Manager will also oversee the day-to-day management of the investment portfolio.
Administration Manager SILC Funds Administration Pty Ltd ACN 628 993 386 is the Administration Manager of the Fund.,The Administration Manager is responsible for, among other things, investor administration processes (including applications and Unit registry), and fund accounting.
Investment objective The Fund seeks to provide Investors with fixed and risk-adjusted target fixed returns by providing Loans to special purpose vehicles which are related entities or associates of the Investment Manager (SPVs) and other Borrowers selected by the Investment Manager.
Fund structure The Fund is an unregistered unit trust established by the Trustee pursuant to the Trust Deed and is governed by Australian law.,The Fund may comprise of multiple separate Classes of Units.
Fund investments All Borrowers will be located in Australia.,All Loans will be made to the SPVS and other Borrowers selected by the Investment Manager toprovide funds for the acquisition and/or development of residential and commercial properties, project refinancing and working capital for the projects. All Loans will be secured by first or second ranking mortgages over real estate in Australia or other suitable security.
Target return The target fixed return of each Class of Units will be set out in each relevant SIM. The target fixed return is not guaranteed. The Fund may not be successful in meeting this objective.
Commitments Investment will be by Commitment. During the period of the Commitment (Commitment Period), the total committed investment amount will be called upon progressive by the Trustee.,The Commitment Period for each Class is set out in the relevant SIM.,Once an applicant has paid the call amount, they will be issued Units at the current applicable issue price in accordance with the terms set out in the relevant SIM.
Minimum Commitment The specific minimum Commitment amount for each class of Units is $500,000.
Withdrawals Investments in the Fund are not liquid .Investors will not be able to withdraw their Units until the minimum investment period has expired.

How Does It Work


Key Risks

Investments in the Fund are subject to varying degrees of risks. Some of the key risks of investing are set out below:

  • investment risk - distributions may or may not be paid and capital may or may not be returned;
  • default and credit risk - a borrower under a Loan may not be able to pay principal and interest payments due under the Loan;
  • priority risk - the Fund may invest in Loans which are subordinated to senior lenders. The Fund will only be capable of distributing capital and income payments in respect of a Loan once the senior lenders have been repaid; and
  • security enforcement risks - the Loans may be secured by a first ranking or second ranking mortgage over real estate and other forms of security. There is a risk that the sale of the security would not be sufficient to cover capital and income repayment obligations to investors or that the sale of the security would take a significant amount of time.